Some just some info for a those that don't know or have not experienced this...

I have Sprint Business Connect on my 650 and I just replaced it through insurance. It was easy enough to get back up and running by using BackupBuddyVFS and restoring everything.

Problem is that the 2 keys that BC generates are device dependent (not hotsync name, but actual hardware) and it fails to run on the new device. Since its a ROM based app to begin with, it can not be fully deleted through Applications or a File Manager like FileZ.

A System or warm reset will restart the device but not load BC, so you can delete all the files with the SEVN creator (except for the actual BizConn app) and then soft reset to get back to normal operation.

Then you can use the GetBC app to redownload it and regenerate the keys. Then you need to restart the client on your PC and finally send/recieve to get all your data back.