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    Calling home from Verizon Wireless to Vonage with SimulRing

    I could have sworn I posted about this a while ago, but I can't find it in search. This is a long post. If you don't have Vonage, don't bother reading.

    I have Vonage VOIP service at home and Verizon Wireless with my 650. Vonage has a great feature called SimulRing which allows me to have it ring my cell phone at the same time as my home phone rings. So if I'm out I never have to miss a call. And people don't even need to know I'm away from home.

    It's kind of like call forwarding except it's simultaneous. And usually with traditional call forwarding (at least when I've used it) it disables the regular line while it's forwarded.

    Well, the problem starts when I have it forwarded to my cell phone and try to call home from my cell phone. It rings on my cell and my cell recognizes the number as my own and dumps me right to voicemail.

    So I figured ok, I'll disable caller ID for this call. Then it just sees that I'm on a call . . . and goes right to voicemail. So I'm like E.T., I can't phone home.

    I've just kind of dealt with it until now. I call home. My wife hears half a ring and hopefully it was long enough to register the called ID and she knows it was me and calls me back.

    Well, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon GrandCentral. It provides a similar service to the SimulRing with some added advantages. The biggest one being you can seemlessly switch a call to any other number you have set up. So someone calls as I'm walking out the door I can transfer it to my cell phone without them even knowing.

    But the feature that I just discovered is I can set it up how calls are handled on a per number basis. So I set calls from my cell phone to not ring through to my cell phone. And it works! I can finally call my house from my cell. Kind of a roundabout way, but it works. It does ring back to my cell at the same time due to the SimulRing, but it's with my GrandCentral number so it doesn't trigger Verizon's voicemail.

    Hope this helps someone else with a similar situation. Or at the very least check out GrandCentral. The more I dig into and check out the features, I'm wondering why none of the VOIP providers have come out with some of these features yet.

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    I just discovered the same problem. I can't sign up with GrandCentral because it has been bought by Google and is going into that stupid early gmail style "we'll let you into the program as we expand to more users".

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