Enhance your phone

* Calling cards:
- Define multiple call card rules for automating access
to calling card systems (you call a 'normal' phone
number, CallCards automatically wraps it with calling
the access-number, adding PIN, passwords, and the target

- Rules can also be used for other number re-formatting
like adding area codes, removing/replacing prefixes, etc.

* Extra-digits:
- Enables the use of extra-digits (pauses & extensions)
in phone numbers stored in the built-in "Contacts"
or "KeyContacts" database.

- Works with the built-in application, as well as 3rd
party applications, such as KeyContacts, VoiceDial, etc.

* Capturing:
- Select (highlight) a number or address in any 3rd
party application, and press the PHONE button to
call/SMS/email/browse it.

* "Define and forget":
Once you configure and enable CallCards - it does it's
work in the background, without a need for your intervention.

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