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    Wired Earpieces for Treo 650

    Does the Treo 650 have known issues with the phone jack? I had one that gave me fits: couldn't tell if the 2.5mm pin was bent, or the inside socket contacts were spread wrong. Got Verizon to replace it.

    A couple months ago, my wife decided to upgrade, and so she took my old 650 and upgraded me to a 700 She had some problems with the speaker/mike system and got a new 650. She seems to have some of the same problems as I had. She does have a bluetooth, but wants a wire piece as well for a backup. Of the differen things she's tried, the earpiece that came with the 700 and the old one from the 650 work intermittently. The stereo headphones seem to work fine, but that's overkill.

    Any thoughts? Ideas? Get Verizon to trade again? Or is she likely to get a new phone with the same problem?



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    The headset jacks have been problematic since the Treo 600.

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