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    Is it possible to use a Verizon Treo 650 on the Sprint network?

    Verizon tells me that if I deactivate my service they place no holds on the ESN, but Sprint reps tell me there is no way to activate a non-sprint Treo on their network (of course they're trying to sell me a 700...).

    I know I've activated an old Sprint phone on the Verizon network in the past. Are there hardware differences between the 650 models that would make it a no-no to load Sprint firmware on Verizon phones? Would that even be necessary?

    I'm asking because I've moved to an area that Verizon doesn't really service (except as an Extended service area), and I've had several other transplants tell me that once I tell Verizon I've moved they'll "suggest" that I move to a different carrier, and Sprint is the only game in town (that supports the 650 and a data signal).

    That being said, is there anyone out there willing to trade a Sprint 650 for a Verizon 650?

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    One big reason Sprint won't accept anyone else's phones is because their Vision is the only multimedia app from a CDMA carrier that is Java-based. So if you bring another phone on to a Sprint account, the stuff they want you to use REALLY BAD (and pay for, naturally) won't work at all. Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular all use BREW which was developed by Qualcomm, who made the CDMA service they all use, as well as the 1X & EV-DO networks for data.

    Also, from the beginning of Sprint PCS, they were the only company that actually sold their handsets to the user for a small profit, instead of a big loss, so they made additional money with every activation. That is not really true anymore, with the neccessary discounts for customers to afford smartphones, and with the Nextel aquisition, but its still in their culture.

    So there are 2 reasons they will always say no, although there surely are some logistical reasons I don't know of.

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    Verizon Treo 650 trade for Sprint

    I would be willing to trade your Sprint Treo 650 for my Verizon one depending on the age and condition of your phone. Mine is fairly new and in great condition so I would be looking for a like for like trade. Let me know what you're offering.

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