My brother and I both have Treo 650. Apparently his was not hotsynched for over a year as he had some corruption in his calendar. I am the more technical of the 2 of us, so i tried to fix his. I was not successful.

We then purchased (with a money back guarantee) a Kernal fixer from an online company in India. It did not work either. They then asked to have the file sent to them. They never got back to him with a fix, so he put in for a refund.

In the meantime over the last year he has been backing everything up on his sd card. But since at some point he is going to get a new phone, I told him he must get his data fixed or he will never be able to get the new phone to get his updated address book and calendar.

I started doing more searches on corrupt data and found that the new version 4 of Pocket Mirror has a data fixer in it. It will either fix the data, or overwrite the bad data with that in Outlook. In his case, he used the Palm desktop instead of outlook, and Pocket Mirror does not synch with the Palm Desktop.

We installed the trial version, on the computer, then crashed the phone( after making sure the card was backed up with his old data ).

IT WORKED. While he now has to clean up his outlook, the phone is now resynching with the computer. The only issue we found was that on today's date in the calendar, there is a list of hundreds of activites from other dates, but except for this, the calendar and datebook are now working fine.

I think he will probably buy Pocket Mirror( even though he did not want the extra features) once the 7 day trial ends.