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    650 Opinions sought - first as a phone

    I've been using a Palm T|E2 for quite a while now for calendar, contacts, and a few medical apps (Epocrates and Pepid). It works great for me.

    I've been using a simple Moto flip phone as well. I'm getting tired of lugging both around on my belt. Thus I am looking into getting a converged device. I would use it primarily as a phone, and secondarily as a pda. I would only occassionaly use it for e-mail and web browsing.

    The Treo's look attractive as a converged device, especially because I'm familiar with the Palm interface and am quite happy with it, even though many have complained that it's "old".

    It's very important to me that the phone portion of the device work well, ie. clear, loud, and few dropped or missed calls. I've read a bunch of feedback from users that the 650 and 700p are "better pda's than phones", and other comments about frequent spontaneous resets, and other issues. I'm looking for feedback from others regarding this. Are these issues patched with software updates, or is this just the way the Treo's are? Is the 700p a significant step up from the 650 in terms of satability and phone functionality? Have folks had experiences with other devices (pocket pc, BB, smartphone) that would work better?

    Important "features" of the device for me include:
    Speaker phone with voice dialing (effective add-on SW is not a problem)
    Good one-handed functionality
    Blue tooth
    Wi-fi sounds nice (Not part of the Treo I know, but I thought I'd throw it in)

    I'm stuck on a cotract with Alltel for another year, so I have to use an Alltel or unlocked CDMA phone.

    Thanks in advance for all your input.

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    I like my 650. The new phones just are not enough of an upgrade for my tastes.

    The phone is not the strongest on the market, but it is stronger than some dedicated phones that I have had. Don't use a metal case, it blocks much of the signal.

    The battery life is extraordinary. I once for got my charger on a trip. With a little care, it lasted more than a week. I can play mp3's for 10 hours a day and not even draw it down to 50%.

    Speakerphone: yes, though I never use it.
    Bluetooth: yes, though I rarely use it. Some report connection issues with some BT devices. I have had no trouble connecting to other Palm devices and telephones.

    My 650 almost never resets. I have downloaded some 80 programs and rarely had a problem. I don't know why so many report reset problems, because I have had very few. Less than 1 per month. And I can't remember the last time that I had to restore the 650's memory.

    This forum contains a wealth of info on this phone. You will find it helpful.

    Good luck on your decision.

    Downhills and tailwinds, 73

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    The 650, in my opinion, is way too unstable due to its limited cache RAM. I would recommend the 700p or the 755p.

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    I am a former user of The Precious (Kyo 7135), and I never thought I'd make the transition to the Treo 650.

    It didn't take long, LOL

    I have been using SmartPhones for quite some time now, and I really do like the T650. The processor is much faster that the Kyo (but then again, so is an arthritic squirrel). The phone quality is about as good as any other I've ever used (a number of Motos and Nokias). It is compatible with a later version of the Palm OS, so many more apps will run from the expansion card (max 2GB, if you didn't know). There is a lot of great software still available for Palm, which I won't re-hash here (TON of info available re software on this forum in other threads).

    The only bad thing I did when I made the move was to switch from Verizon to Cingular (AT&T). As far as I can tell, customer server is horrible no matter where you go, but Cingular is a BIG FAT LIAR on their reliability claims. I got MUCH MUCH MUCH better service coverage and call reliability with VZW, and I would go back in a minute if I could persuade more people in my family to move over. Alas, free calls between me, Wifey, and the Kidlets trumps call quality, lol. Most Reliable in the Industry, my ass...

    Anyway, I think you will be much pleased with a Treo as a phone, no matter what carrier you're on. As for the Palm functions, I love having my Contacts Tasks, and Datebook on the same device as my phone. I know it's no big deal now, but does everyone remember JUST HOW COOL IT WAS to be able to call a contact right from your Palm Address Book?!?!

    And to think, my kids have no clue what we used to have to go through just to make popcorn, lol

    Big H

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    I was in the same boat carrying around a Tungsten T3 and a Moto Razr when I went to the 650 on Cingular/AT&T about a year ago and I love it.

    The speakerphone works well but not the best I've ever had. Truthfully the only good thing about my old nextel was the speaker. You could hear that thing in the next county. HAHA. As for the bluetooth, I don't use it much because I constantly misplace the thing and drain the battery but when I did use it alot I had no problems connecting and using it.

    The volume is a bit of an issue out of the box but with a program like volumecare it definitely gets louder than you'd need it.

    I had a couple of issues with resets after installing alot of applications. I can't pinpoint which one caused it because in a horrible path of troubleshooting I installed several at once. There are a few poorly designed apps out there that will cause resets but then again with something like 16,000 apps for the PalmOS there's bound to be a few bad apples amongst a load of great ones.

    It's right on par with overall phone strength. I've had some that were better and some that were worse. This one is good enough that I don't think twice about it because it always seems to work when I need it to.

    I recommend it. I'm ready to upgrade not for any fault of the 650 but because I've had it a year and I have an addiction to new technology. Blackberry Curve or iPhone next. Good and bad with each. I'll probably stick with the 650 for a bit thought because I'm waiting to see if the iPhone has bugs and the Curve has no Wi-Fi.

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    I give a High Five for Treo 650

    Good Morning, I must say I love my Treo 650. I used the Kyrocera 7135 and used it till it was time to switch. Just like the Kyrocera, I tested it. I had done testing on Pocket pc's only to find lots of problems if I ever crashed. The kind of testing I am talking about is how many programs can I install and they work. In order to make them work I would have to move files into folders until I needed the program and them move them back. Pocket Pc would crash and I had all kinds of problems. With palm, not that much problems. I have over 4 2gig Sd's for my programs besides whats on the Palm. I run it basically on 2.3 mb left on the palm. I have over 20 Sd's of 1gig, 2gig mainly for storage of all downloaded files, songs, videos, etc. If I use up the memory, it will crash or I it, but I do not have too many problems. On all these sd's I have over 900 programs and they work great. If a program requires more than the cache will allow, I will move the program over with PowerRun and then use the program and then move the other program back, no problem. I have had to do a hard reset many times and reset everything, but it not only is my phone, it is my main computer,because I can pretty well do all I need on there with programs, learning, web sites, calls, etc. even games. If I just wanted a few programs and a phone, I probably would go with some other phone. I have a GPS locator, Mini-keyboard, mini-printer, bluetooth headset for this phone and they all work. I have Alltel for my carrier and I have no problem. Very strong for web searching. I have had Verizon and it was good, don't know with this phone. I know that the 680, 700 and 755 is out there, but Alltel does not use the 680 and I dont want the mobile version for my cell phone any longer, unless I am forced to do so. I give the Treo 650 and High Five, but that's just my experience.

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    I just switched (for business reasons) from a Verizon 650 to a Cingular/AT&T 650.

    The Verizon version's volume was much louder - no problems hearing. I'm going to have to pony up for Volumecare for the Cingular version to be able to live with the volume.

    The call quality was also much better with Verizon, at least in the Chicago area. I'm beginning to understand why Cingular always seems to trail the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    Finally, to actually answer the question asked: I have yet to see a phone that I'd want to replace my 650 with. No, not even the vaunted (hyped?) iPhone.

    Now, a Palm phone with 3G speed and the form factor of the iPhone? THAT would make me switch!

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    I agree with dragon

    The transition from the 7135 to the 650 was simple. But because of software requirements, I'll be looking to get a 755 soon.
    Besides that when I went to the 650, CRM software(Act) would not work on the 650 right away. I had to wait months before they updated the software to the new operating system in the 650.
    Because the 755 is rumored to be the last Palm OS phone, before going to a new OS, it might be a good idea to find a Palm OS phone with the most memory and power that will keep your personal software running as long as possible.

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