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    Treo 650 for sprint questions

    I may get one these from a friend who is getting a treo 755 and had some questions. First thing being how well does the treo 650 work as a web surfing device,and are there any updates or downloads to make it better at this? Also if I activate this device under a new sprint account do I have to pay full retail price for another phone if I decide this phone isn't for me?

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    The built in Blazer browser does a decent job at displaying most web sites. Keep in mind though that since the screen is 320x320, you're going to have to live with the sites being reformatted to fit the screen. Or put Blazer into wide mode and do a lot of horizontal scrolling.

    Since you will already have an existing contract with Sprint, yes, you will have to pay full retail price for another phone. If you were a new customer, you would get a discount on a different phone with signing a 1 or 2 year contract.

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