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Thread: locked treo

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    locked treo

    hello all. I've wandered over to this section from the 6700 fourm I visit frequently. my buddy is a total ebay newbie. he purchased a 650. but the phone is locked. he uses cingular and called them and they were unable to assist him in activating the phone. i've seen these sites offering to unlock phones for a fee. I was curious to know if anybody here has used these sites or have any advice on how we should go about unlocking his treo. thanks in advance.

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    A friend sold me his Treo 650 that he used with cingular, I use T-Mobile Pre Paid and I went to E-Bay paid $9.99 for a unlock code, thought I would take a chance for $10 bucks, paid by pay pal and the guy e-mailed for the IME numbers, and when I sent them back to him he e-mailed me a unlock code.
    Worked on the first try, I was supprised
    Now have a great unlocked 650 on T-Mobil

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