I had a Treo 650 which I dropped a couple months ago and the keyboard stopped working. I bought a replacement internal keyboard but that did not work. Bought a refurb from eBay but a couple weeks into using it that keyboard started to drop out periodically, each time lasting longer before it came back. Now it pretty much doesn't work at all, although during one of it's brief working periods I was able to shut off the keyguard so I can now stumble though most uses with the touchscreen. (as a weird aside, the power button always seems to work whether the keyboard does or not. probably wired separately)

From tearing my old one apart and briefly tearing this new one apart, I am pretty sure I know what is wrong. It appears that it is not the keyboard itself that is the problem. It is the little plastic piece that is attached to the motherboard that the keyboard ribbon slides into. That little plastic piece is loose and it has contacts which align with contacts on the motherboard. Sometimes if you lean this piece in the right direction, the keyboard will start working again, although you cannot close up the case and keep it working.

Anybody know what I am talking about and if there is anyone out there that can repair something like that? Those leads are just waaaay too small for me to mess with. The ebayer only had a 7 day return policy so I am now stuck with 2 dead treo's and am not a real happy camper.

Thanks all,