Well, I'm back on my trusty 650 after a few months with an XV6700. I tried to like the 6700, really, but it finally got on my nerves enough to switch back. Thank goodness I never actually eBay'd it! I will miss somethings, like the built-in Wi-Fi, the camera, and the nifty screen saver that cycles pictures while it is docked. I will not miss the crappy sliding keyboard, the lock ups, the short battery life, non-threaded text messaging. Live and learn. Now, I'm just waiting for the Verizon 755P.

OK, on to the question: I've searched and played, and it seems that Versamail wants to sync up with my POP3 account. It won't actually get the messages from my Outlook Inbox the way Windows Mobile does. Am I correct in this? Or is there a step I'm missing? I don't leave messages on my server, my Outlook client downloads them all.
Oh, I am on Outlook 2003.