I have been relentlessly trying to connect to various FREE Dial-up internet service providers and have gotten close but still am not able to connect successfully.

Carrier is Verizon, I have no data plan, I do have a data block on (which shouldn't be a issue...)

I have using the following Free ISPs:


Free Dialup - Michigan (MI)

FreeDialup.org - Free Dialup Internet - Surf Free or Die from the hearts of New Hampshire...

and MetConnect - New York City's Free ISP

Each of these do not require you to have software to connect.

nocharge specifies username: guest
password: password

DNS primary:

There are several numbers, for example (206) 312-1000 which is based in the Northwest U.S.

dialinfree.com specifies username: dialin
password: free

Michigan based access number, one I used 517 828 0769
another: 517 283 8769

freedialup specifies username: anything
password: anything you want

access numbers near rhode island, one I used 413-728-4444

So you see I have been busy trying to get this to work: each time on my phone after setting it up under new connection, using the cellular line as the modem:

It seems to connect just fine, says its in the connecting process for usually 1-2 minutes. Then immediately after that it says "the answering modem has disconnected. To check your connection settings and change them if needed, tap settings.

I have not messed with any of the other "settings," just keep it at the default settings for new connections, except for nocharge where I entered in the DNS settings.

If anyone has any advice, or if anything just try connecting to one of these for the hell of it, I'd appreciate it.