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    160 character limit texting - 700w

    Wondering if there is a registry hack or any way I can remove the annoying 160 character limit and have the phone break up the texts into multiple messages like my old SCH-i730 used to do? As of right now my Treo stops at 160 characters and won't let me type any more.

    "Treo 700W-1.10-VZW"

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    if you upgrade to windows 6.0...(i know you have a 700w, unfornately they don't have an update for that, but you can't use the hacked upate )

    it will then divided ur message after 160 and send the message as multiple messages

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawleyTronics View Post
    WM6.0 and WM6.1 both allow you to keep typing and it will be broken into two messages when you hit Send.

    If you don't have WM6.0 or 6.1, this may interest you quite a bit since 6.1 now has the Threaded Messaging:

    I created an updater by combining the Sprint 5.0 Updater with a 6.1 Rom!
    (And this is the true 6.1 and not 6.0!)

    This updater works for any carrier since it does not affect the provider radio settings, it upgrades the Operating System. I removed the Sprint Radio Settings, so your current carrier settings will stay put and not be affected by the upgrade!

    Example: I have Sprint for a carrier, whom didn't even provide a 6.0 upgrade I may add, and I am running 6.1 on my phone now and am loving it even more!

    Basically all you do is format an SD Card to Fat32, copy my files to the SD Card and upgrade your phone using the SD Card method. (I provide step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

    I do charge only $10 for the upgrade, a minor price to pay for all my work and to have your TREO 700wx (any carrier!) running the latest and greatest OS!

    So for only $10 and about 15 minutes of your time, you can upgrade your 700wx to Windows Mobile 6.1!

    Download it here: Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade for TREO 700wx
    I have a Treo 700W, not the WX, so would that work?

    EDIT: I read your other posts that you've made - and I guess it would work, but I don't want to lose my ability to use MMS, it's one of the many reasons I switched from my SCH-i730.
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