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    Is this activesyncs normal behavior?

    Posted this over at TreoCentral, but nobody has responded.

    When my 700wx is connected to my computer with Activesync 4.2 running, if I make any changes to the Treo itself, Activesync does NOT start syncing them up with the desktop, with the exception of notes and Web favorites. It is only when I make changes on the PC that activesync starts the sync process. Can someone test this on their 700w/wx by going through the following steps:
    1) Connect the device to computer and allow activesync to complete.
    2) Create a contact on the Treo itself.
    3) Check your outlook to see if it synched over
    4) Post your results

    Just want to see if this is normal behaviour for Activesync.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First of all i can't even get my contacts to go to outlook I'm still trying to figure that out!
    babydoll Tracy

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    Do you have more than one address book in Outlook? Maybe there is one in a personal folder or there is a duplicate book as a sub folder in your contacts. Sometimes this happens and you have to right click on the duplicate book and make sure it is not designated as a email address book on the outlook address book tab. The best way to do it, is go in to each address book, make sure that box is unchecked and then save the setting, then go back into the address book you want to use and turn it on and save it.

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