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    Slow calendar on Treo 750

    I have a client who has 8,000 calendar entries going back to 1999. When all are synched, the Treo has extremely slow response when doing any functions in the calendar. Note: I have exported a copy of the calendar to a .pst. It is 20 MB. There are some attachments, which makeup the majority of the 20 MB. The attachments do not transfer to the calendar on the Pocket PC.

    The client notices at least a 5 second delay going from day to day in the calendar. He had the same calendar information synched to his Treo 650. Changing from day to day on the Treo 650 was instaneous.

    After a hard reset, toggling from day to day is instanteous. I have entered one appointment. Still instaneous. I have synched the default 2 weeks prior and foward. Still instaneous. I have synched the previous 6 months with instaneous results. The slowness only occurs once All is selected. There is still 20 MB of Program memory and 40 MB of Storage memory available. This leads me to believe that either there is database corruption, WM5 does not manage memory well, or a problem specific to a 750.

    One possible option could be to try another PIM, such as Pocket Informant 2007. Anyone using another PIM app as a solution?

    Another issue that may or may not be related: The sounds (alarms, appointment reminders, phone ringtones) stop working intermittently. The first time this happened, I tried half a dozen soft resets. Only a hard reset resolved it. Now, the sounds stop working intermittently, but a soft reset resolves it. This is still unacceptable, as the client misses calls and appointment reminders. Anyone else notice this? Should a new thread be started for this issue?

    Has anyone else noticed slowness in the calendar going day to day, week to week, month to month?

    Any known solutions to either issue? I appreciate any suggestions!

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    Based on the specs of the 750 it has 128MB / 60MB persistent user storage. Now with that said if the calendar data is 20MB that leaves 40MB user storage. That's easy enough. Now the question I have is what else does this user either have loaded (programs) or data that he is storing? How many contacts, emails etc is he storing? Once everything is synced up, how much user storage space is left? This could be a contributor to part of the problem.

    Another thing it could be is the size of the calendar data. (20MB) When you access your calendar it has to search the data (like a database) from the beginning to the end to get to the date that you are viewing. And why, if I may ask, would your customer need all of his appointments back to 1999 loaded on his Treo. I keep at most one month worth.

    I don't think that going to another PIM manager will help you. I think it flat out has to do with the size of the calendar PIM file size on the 750 and Windows Mobile. Palm OS is much more efficient in working with the PIM data that Windows Mobile is.

    As for why he did not have this problem on his 650? Well, the 650 only has 32MB of user storage. I doubt he had all of his appointments (20MB worth) on the 650 since 1999. This would leave little or now room to store anything else.

    I would suggest cutting back to amount of data that he is storing. I am going to have to say that there is a limitation and or bottleneck to parsing though that much data. Unless there is a need for him to have all appointments back to 1999, then I would trim it back. I personaly only have one month of calendar data at any given time.

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