I have a client with a Treo 750. He has noted that the sounds (alarms, appointment reminders, phone ringtones) stop working intermittently. The first time this happened, I tried half a dozen soft resets, but only a hard reset resolved it. Now, the sounds stop working intermittently, but a soft reset resolves it temporarily. This is still unacceptable, as the client misses calls and appointment reminders.

The user has 8,000 calendar entries, which slows down calendar functions dramatically. He also has ePocrates installed. He is only synching a weeks worth of emails, with attachments under 25k. There is still 20 MB of Program memory and 40 MB of Storage memory available.

I have had him stop running programs one at a time to see if the sounds start working again, but only a soft reset resolves this.

Anyone else notice this?