I'm not really sure where to post this. Read on, it really IS about the Treo

I had a Verizon 6700 and had terrible problems with low battery life. I did a lot of research including poring over pages and pages of log files, sending the logs to Verizon tech support and others, all of whom tried to help to no avail.

The problem was as follows:
My office is in a "cellular desert". All 3 major carriers have 0 - 1 bars of signal at best. I need to use Exchange Active Sync (EAS) with my Exchange server to get e-mail immediately.
Normally EAS keeps a connection open with the Windows Mobile device for a period of time known as the "Heartbeat interval" which can range up to 45 minutes where a good signal is present.
If that connection fails for any reason, the WM device reverts to a "polling" mode in which it tried to re-connect with the server, starting every 5 minutes, and lengthening the interval to 15 minutes. This procedure uses a lot of battery power.
That is where the problem seems to be. In theory, once the phone is moved to an area with a good signal, it should revert to the "heartbeat" method, which uses considerably less power. My 6700 never did re-establish the heartbeat connection, resulting in missed messages and very short battery life. The only way out seemed to be doing a reset whenever I left my office (Unacceptable!)
So, I "upgraded" to a Treo 700w, thinking that the OS/hardware problems would not be an issue on the new device. I was wrong. The Treo is exhibiting exactly the same symptoms as the 6700, although I have not yet gone through the logs to verify what is happening.
I have verified, however, that Sprint (6700) and Cingular (8525) do not have the same problem. FWIW, a Verizon wireless modem also works OK in my office. I don't know if that uses the same frequency band as cellular.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and maybe solved them? I sure would like to make this Treo work! (And yes, I've investigated signal boosters for my office, but that is not a feasible solution.)