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Thread: Jawbone?

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    I came across all this hype about this in the past couple of days. In characteristic fashion I decided to shoot first, ask questions later...now that one is winging its way to me, thanx to fleaBay, the thought has occurred to me to ask around on here:

    Anyone else using one of these with the 700WX? Any issues in particular to report? If not, I guess I'll be the group guinea pig. When I get it in a few days, I'll check back in and post my thoughts.

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    Yup. I am using one now. It is one of the best headsets that I have used.

    The only drawback for me was getting the fit just right. The Jabone comes with:

    4 Earloops - 1 Short and 1 Long for both the right and left ear.
    5 (I think) Earjells -All of different sizes and shapes.

    As I stated above it may take some time to get the fit right, but once you do you will love it.

    AS for any issues, I have not ran across any in particular with the headset. The only problem I have right now is with the dreadful "Bluetooth Automagically Shutting Off." Other than that I have not had any issues using it with the 700wx.

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    had it, loved it, it was stolen at a trade show. !@%#^$%#&. you can tweak the fit slightly by twisting, GENTLY, the metal ear loop so the ear bud stays in your ear better.

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