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    Treo 700W pairing with '07 Audi

    I have the Jetware software installed on my Treo 700W and sometimes I cannot pair with my '07 Audi S8 or when it pairs I lose the connection after a min. os so. Anyone have this issue ans a solution?

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    I am not sure about the intial pairing issue, but I know that there are problems with several different BT enabled vehicles not just with the 700wx. So I don't have any help in that perspective.

    However, once you are connected the isse of droping the connection may have to do with the power settings on the 700wx. There is a bug/probelm with the 700wx shutting off the BT "automagicly". I have had this issue with a couple of different headsets. Some say it is a hardware issue, but I am leaning more towards the BT stack on the 700wx in relation to the power settings of the phone. Although I am not completely convienced that it is not an issue with the version of WM5 that the 700wx is running. Which may point back to the BT stack. (Confused yet?)

    What I did that helped me out was two different things.

    1) If you are in your car, and you use a car power adapter, clear the checkmark from the "On External Power" in your power settings on your phone under the adavnced settings. This has helped me in not losing connection to my headsets.

    2) Follow these instructions to keep the BT from shutting off on your phone when idle. Bluetooth automatically getting disabled / turned off by itself on my 6700 Some say that it did not help them while others say that is worked form them. For me, it has helped in keeoing the BT from shutting off.

    Other than that I really can't help you wiht the pairing issue. I think that for the most part it is going to be with the BT on the phone. Using one or both ( I use both) suggestions above should help in reducing some of the issues that you have.

    Good luck.

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