Slide2Unlock is finally fixed for the 700wx! I have to say it is an awesome application now, I've been waiting a long time for this app to work for us! All the extras like Full Screen Caller ID, Appts on Main Screen, Weather on main screen, they all work using a new simple Configuration Program. No more registry editing to get these things to work. All you have to do is go to this link.

The Latest version: Slide 2 UnLock v1.216 (updated on 5 September) - xda-developers

1) Install the WM5 Cab file
2) Download the file at the end of the first post, copy the new iLock.exe over to the \Program Files\Slide2Unlock to update it to the newest version
3) Go to to download the Configuration program and place it in the same file \Program Files\Slide2Unlock

Then restart the phone, open the config program and go to town, I enabled Full Screen Caller ID, SPB Weather program, and appointments shown.

Have fun!