I just jumped ship on the 700P for the 700W. I'm starting to regret the lifeboat that I've left myself in.

In general, I have found the 700W to be LESS flexible than the Palm version. I used to use the Outlook Calender for all of my work logs, personal scheduling, and Band information. Creating a new "event" in the windows version takes twice as long, then stays on my Today screen. My question is two parts:

1. Since I handle several accounts at the same time, and will often log time to each account in one day...is there a good time tracking software that will allow me some flexibility?

2. If I am using the Calender on the 700W, is there a way for the reminders to be set to show themselves on the day screen THE DAY OF THE REMINDER? Right now, it will show me the next (personal/work/band) reminder, even if it's 10 years in the future.

I'm hoping that I'm still not used to my 700W. I had my 700P very much customized and now I feel like I'm stuck at square one again (with very limited options.) When it comes to my complaints, this is just the tip of the iceberg. My new phone may be going down like the titanic. (sorry, that last boat reference was too much)