Hello All,

I'm beginning to wonder if my phone has lost it's mind...

I have an Exchange 2003 SP2 server that we use activesync with for push email. I'm the only email admin, so I can confidently say nothing has changed on the server.

Push email has worked for months just fine, no issues at all until last week.

My 700w just stopped receiving email.

I was getting various email messages, most being of the "waiting on network" variety.

So after asking around and digging on this board, it appeared that somehow the self-signed cert that I was using became corrupt on my device.

I still had the Vzwcert app on my phone, as well as the cert that I originally downloaded from the Exchange server, and installed on my phone...and working correctly for months, so I readded it and reset the phone and still receive the errors re: waiting on the network.

So after much whining and mumbling under my breath, I did a hard reset...completely blanking the device.

I re-downloaded the cert util from Vzw, and the cert from my exchange server and everything worked fine for about 5 hours.

so I googled some more, and got frustrated and hard reset the phone again.

This has been going on for over a week now and I can't even tell you what number I'm on for hard resets.

and remember...there are other 700w's that are working just fine.

The current error code I have is 0x80072ee4 saying that the cert is invalid again.

Has anyone seen this error before? Does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm truly starting to think my phone hardware is getting flackey.

Anyone have any advice?