I sync'd up my 755p today, and suddenly my contacts have disappeared (on my phone, not on Palm Desktop). Stranger still is that I can still use speed dial, and my contacts names come up when I get a call, but not their photos.

The message I received from the HotSync was that the sync was interrupted.
A view of the HotSync Log revealed the following:

HotSync 3.2.1 started 8/13/08 3:32:51 PM
Local Synchronization
OK Install
Voice Memo did nothing
To Do List did nothing
OK Tasks
Media did nothing
OK Note Pad
OK Memos
Memo Pad did nothing
Date Book did nothing
Contacts synchronization failed
“Contacts” failed (error = #16397)
OK Calendar
Address Book did nothing
OK Install
Backed up MMIDCache1.pdb
Backed up MMIDCache3.pdb
Backed up midataidcache.pdb
Backed up Saved Preferences.prc
OK Backup
Last sync time and PC ID updated on handheld
HotSync Complete 8/13/08 3:33:48 PM

Any ideas?