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    What web browser can I use with the Treo?

    "The Treo comes with Handspring's Blazer browser, built into the ROM. It is a pretty decent browser, and works with just about every page I throw at it. Blazer has trouble with some pages, and this is where another browser -- Xiino shines. I use Xiino when Blazer can't render a page, but Xiino can't render everything either - including Slashdot. Both browsers use a proprietary proxy, provided by their respective companies, to preprocess the requested web page before it is sent to the unit. This means that your unit doesn't have to download a gigantic image that its only going to resize later, the proxy does most of that work for you, saving you CPU time and network time. Connections from Blazer show up as coming from blazer-fetch.handspring.com and Xiino, from ilxcon1.ilinx.co.jp. Note that Xiino only uses its proxy if you have the Load Images option enabled, otherwise it directly connects to the requested site."

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    Can't forget Tapliner browser for palm OS


    Eudora web browser for palmOS
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