"Before you can use any Internet application, your phone must be in Wireless Mode. This is activated by holding down the button on the top of the unit, next to the antenna. Once this is done, the unit has to connect to the data portion of the network. This takes about 6 seconds or so, and once its done, doesn't really ever need to be done again. Whenever you attempt to use the Internet after this point, it's pretty snappy.

Having the ability to turn wireless mode entirely off has its benefits, like if you wanted to use the PDA features on an airplane. Unfortunately, there is no way, out of the box, to cause the Treo to go into wireless mode automatically after a reset; you have to press and hold the top button again. I had to use a third-party application to cause an automatic re-connect, known as TreoTools, which isn't free. You can, however, have the Treo automatically connect to the data portion of the network once Wireless Mode is activated."

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