Most phones today, especially those enabled with WAP browsers, suffer from some limitations: <ul><li>Poor input capabilities: Keying in URLs, or even trying to navigate through your phonebook (much less the web) is difficult using a 12-button input interface. </li>
<li>Poor output capabilities: The small screens on mobile phones are difficult to read and seriously constrain the user interface. Truncated sentences and cryptic commands are the norm on most of today's mobile phones.</li>
<li>Fixed set of features: Because those phones aren't open platforms like the Treo communicator, you have to take what the manufacturers give you. So, you are limited to the particular WAP browser or SMS application provided to you&amp;#8212;even if you don't like them. </li></ul>
The Treo communicator doesn't suffer from these limitations. With the Treo communicator, you can use Graffiti or the QWERTY keyboard to enter text and view information on a larger screen. It also includes the Blazer browser, which renders pages in full HTML, runs the popular Palm OS, so you can download any of the over 11,000 applications available for the Palm OS today, and has an easy-to-use interface so everything works together simply and seamlessly.

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