The main differences, besides the carriers, are in the radio, the screen, the backlit keyboard, the battery, and the price. Treo 180 is a dual-band GSM phone that will work around the world and is upgradeable to connect to GPRS data networks. Treo 270 is available in the U.S. with service plans from VoiceStream/T-Mobile and Cingular. Treo 300 works on PCS Vision from Sprint. While both products support a built-in QWERTY keyboard, the keyboards on the Treo 270 and 300 are backlit for typing in dim lighting conditions. Finally, Treo 180 has a monochrome screen while the Treo 270 and 300 have a color screen, and the basic PIM applications on Treo 270 and 300 are colorized. Treo 180 is available in a keyboard and Graffiti version, while Treo 270 and 300 are only available with a keyboard.

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