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    What do I need to access the internet from my Treo?

    Configuring your communicator for wireless data requires the following:
    <ul><li>Data services from your wireless service provider. Not all wireless service providers offer data services and data services are not automatically included in your calling plan when you sign up. </li>
    <li>You MAY also need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) account if your wireless service provider doesn't provide Internet access. Some wireless service providers will offer data services (the ability to send/receive data wirelessly), but will not act as a gateway to the Internet therefore you MAY need to use your own ISP to access the Internet wirelessly.</li></ul>
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    If you don't mind using minutes (I have unlimited on nights and weekends) You can setup a dialup connection to free ISP's like Juno, or NoCharge.com.

    In Preferences select Network.

    Setup a new connection and make it a Wireless Dial-up

    Put in a name you can remember in the Service line

    Put in your username and password and phone and the rest is history!

    It takes a few seconds to connect and it's not quite as fast as the full time internet you can pay $20 bucks a month for. But its free!

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