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    How do I drain all power for troubleshooting major problems?

    This was submitted by a user... do your homework and use at your own risk.

    Go into Memo Pad and enter short-cut period 3. You get short-cut by entering the letter S, then press the list type "0..." key and choose the loop-like character that looks like a written letter L. When you enter this special command, the screen no longer automatically turns off after X minutes. Now leave the radio on and boost screen contrast / brightness as high as you can to help drain the battery overnight. The next morning, soft reset the seemingly dead unit about 10 times. Now recharge the Treo for 3 hours and the Treo will either be back to normal or you have a truly hopeless hardware problem.

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    Another, perhaps quicker, way to do this is to obtain the RadioReset application from Handspring Support. It'll drain your battery in a few hours. I had to use this to resolve a problem with phone startup on my T270.

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