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    My Treo seems to pause a long time. What's happening?

    Sometimes the Treo seizes up temporarily when you turn the radio off or when the radio has just turned on. Just be patient, the Treo just has some pending tasks that have to be dealt with. For example, the SMS app may need some time to process new SMS just coming in.

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    long pauses

    Mike I agree with you.

    I have a Treo 270 a sometimes it freezes up on me. If I had to put a number on it, it would be at least once every other day. At first I would just hit the reset button and go on but now I've noticed if I just be patient it would catch up to whatever I was last doing. The last time it happened I was typing an email with Eudora email client and it froze at the end of my message. I waited one minute it picked back up with the last few letters I was typing before I had noticed it froze. I geuss I was typing to fast. Either way it does happen so be aware of this before you buy if this will be a serious problem for you. If I had to place a reason for why this happens it would have to be because of processor speed. But don't quote me on this. I don't have the technical expertise on this except that I have one and I use it everyday.
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