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    I can't send or I can't receive SMS; how do I fix this?

    Go into the SMS application's menu and select Options | Preferences. In here you have to populate the SMS center number fields with the appropriate numbers for your GSM carrier. Phone them to get the number and also have a wireless technician check to make sure that SMS originating and SMS terminating are enabled in their system. Treo 300 owners should realise that their CDMA version of Treo only receives SMS natively because of the way CDMA networks operate. You can however go to a web site that offers SMS sending or you can install special third party SMS sending apps for Treo 300.

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    Just some more info to share and not to step on any toes.

    This might not be for everyone but when I received my Treo and inserted made sim card into it( for those who have a GSM Treo(180 or 270)) the SMS center number was already there. So I was able to send and receive cell phone sms messages. But to send or receive emails via sms I needed to find the sms email center number which the field for it is located below the sms message number. For the email center number you have to ask your cell phone provider. They should have it. If not keep trying. Someone there might know the answer becuase it will only come from them. You might have to speak to someone up the chain.

    For anyone in Germany using D1 from T-Mobile the SMS email center number is 8000. You must first activate it by entering 8000 in the email center number field and then sending an email to the number 8000 with the words open in the text. After that your'er good to go. I've learned that everything with T-mobile in Germany must be activated. To use three-way calling it must be activated by dailing *43#. All this can be found by asking your cell phone provider.
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