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    Inserting pauses in the speeddial for calling cards

    I want to enter my calling card numbers into my speed dial but don't know how to create the pause in the calls... I'm talking about a similar pause like the one where you place a comma in the modem property to get the line when you dial from a PBX system (usually it's somethng like 9,number)

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    How to enter a calling card number in speed dial

    1) Tap on a blank Speed Dial button.
    2) In the Number field, enter just the phone number (like 6505551212)
    3) In the Extra Digits field, enter the first set of extra digits, then enter one comma for each second of pause (however many seconds you think it may take enter that many number of comma's), and the second set of digits, etc. (i.e. 1234,,,,69,,,89)
    4) To dial, tap the Speed Dial button you just made.
    5) When you're ready to start dialing the extra digits, tap the handy dandy onscreen Extra Digits button.

    Here's another way.

    - Either create a new speed-dial button or edit an old one.
    - Below "Name" and "Number", you'll see extra digits.
    - Punch in the extra numbers you want the phone to dial for you (use commas for a "soft pause"), and then check off whether you want the phone to "Dial Extra Digits automatically" or not. (If you're looking for a "hard pause", leave this un-checked.)
    - Save it.
    - When you choose the speed-dial button, an extra button will pop up on the far right after it starts connecting the call, "Dial Extra Digits".
    - Hit that button when you're ready for the phone to dial the extra numbers.

    Also try this,

    No additional software:
    Setup Calling Card Phone Number as Speed Dial
    Enter other number as extra digits
    To dial click the SpeedDial once the calling card answers click extra digits, then MANUALLY dial the phone number you want to call.

    Or try this.

    Use TakePhone (shareware $9.95)

    TakePhone allows you to setup a calling card in your contacts and have it automatically dial when it recognizes certain digits like area code. Works great. There is one bug. On the Treo there is one bug. You cannot put pauses in the calling card script, you can however put an X which pauses the dialing until you press the extra digits button.

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    one more question

    thanks for the detailed reply one thing was not clear to me - where do I find the check box to mark it so it will dial the extra digits automaticly?

    thanks again
    Ariel Kahana

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