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I'm on my 3rd replacement Treo 650, and I've been perusing the phones that are available when I stumbled onto the m700. Seems too good to be true. I got the Treo so I wouldn't be packing around several electronic devices, but with the m700, I could consolidate even more.

I'm looking for people who have this phone or have used it. It seems to have everything I need; GSM, wifi, BT, and most importantly, GPS

The questions I have are:

1. How's the volume? I'm sick of my Treo's crappy volume.
2. How's the GSM reception? I'm sick of my Treo's crappy reception.
3. How's the sound quality during a call? (Treo tends to blank out words)
4. How's the battery? (My Treo's actually ok on this!)
-more specifically, how's the battery with all the "goodies" turned on?
-are they easily turned on/off, or do you have to go through 84 layers of preferences options like with treo?
5. Do you find you have enough internal memory? (I'm sick know)
The usual programs I would be running are:
a. GPS software for Geocaching (Cachemate/Nav, Pathaway)
b. Mobipocket
c. desktop software (word, outlook, excel, powerpoint, etc)
d. Fitness/diet program(s)
6. How's the voice command function? I never have gotten any voice software to work well on my Treo. Maybe I just mumble or something.
7. Can you sync over BT? (this is probably an OS question, right?)

Mostly, I am trying to decide if it's worth shelling out the $650 for the phone. The volume, reception and call quality are the real deal-breakers for me.