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Thread: IMEI # problem

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    IMEI # problem

    I am trying to join a Club iMate (clubimate.com) which requires submitting my device's IMEI #. I got the number from under the battery and also by dialing *#06#, but the site says these are invalid IMEI #'s. Any idea what could be the problem? The number retrieved by dialing has an additional "01" at the end of the same number that's under the battery, but neither number works at the site. My device is branded as Qtek 2020, not "iMate" - could that be the problem? (the "iMate" branded devices have a specific range of IMEI #'s or something?)

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    I had a similar problem when trying to register for the O2 site (UK)in order to get the ROM upgrade. In the end I emailed the O2 site asking what the problem was. I did receive a reply and it transpired that I was trying to register for the O2 Asia site when I wanted the UK/European site. I think the wrong continent returned an incorrect IMEI number. In order to get my ROM upgrade I googled something like "XDA2 rom upgrade download support uk" and found the right page on the O2 website in the end.

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    Yes, there is apparently a range of IMEI numbers for the imate devices, and you must have an imate to get on the Club imate site.
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