I have very foolishly tried to upgrade my mda compact 2 with a Vario ROM
Now I have
IPL 1.01
GSM 01.12.10

I charged my battery with an external charger even then it was not detected by the pc via usb cable for sync.

Then I bought an external cradle which can charge the mda compact from external power at the same time you can connect the usb cabble to pc for sync. The cradle is working okay on another charmer but doesnot charge my charmer at .MDA.

I can only connect mda with external charger which came with mda and it turns it on but doesnot charge the battery. I donot know what else to do. Is there any way that I can update the ROM from my SD card while it is connected to te mains charger.
i need from senior gurus

plz help.